F44 Star Ferrule

Also designed for heavy duty anchoring, the F44 Star Ferrule inserts are cast-in anchors available in zinc plate finish, galvanised or stainless steel. Star Ferrules do not require a cross bar to be installed to obtain the full working load. However, a cross hole is provided to allow a 300mm long bar to be installed if required for ductility performance.

Part NoDimensionsBox QtyGalvanised Part No.Stainless 316 Part No.
F441255M12 x 55mm150F441255S
F441285M12 x 85mm25F441285GF441285S
F441675M16 x 75mm25F441675G
F441685M16 x 85mm25F441685GF441685S
F442075M20 x 75mm25
F442085M20 x 85mm25F442085GF442085S
F4420110M20 x110mm25F4420110G
F44CCoil x85mm25