F46 Double Ended Ferrules

Double ended ferrules are the ideal solution when fixing is required on both sides of the panel. Double end ferrules require an N12 x 300 mm reinforcing bar to be installed through the cross hole to obtain the full working load.

Part NoDimensionsTypeBox Qty
F4612140M12 x 140mmZinc25
F4612170M12 x 170mmZinc25
F4616140M16 x 140mmZinc25
F4616165M16 x 165mmZinc25
F4616170M16 x 170mmZinc25
F4620115M20 x 115mmZinc25
F4620140M20 x 140mmZinc25
F4620165M20 x 165mmZinc25
F4620170M20 x 170mmZinc25