P57 Steel Void Former

For concrete moulds where the same product is repetitively made, the P57 Steel Void Former is the ideal solution. Made from steel, it’s long lasting and the only replacement part is the inexpensive P58 Rubber Ring.

New Product Release – Magnetic Recess Void Former

The Magnetic Recess Void Former has been created with adaptability, ease of use, and reduction in production costs in mind. It has been developed with a strong inbuilt magnet to allow for adjustable positioning within metal forms without the need to weld in a Steel Void Former, thus allowing the same steel cast to be used for multiple casts rather than a permanent design. Download our flyer for available sizes!

Part NoDescriptionType
P571Void Former Steel1.3t
P572Void Former Steel2.5t
P575Void Former Steel5t
P571MGMagnetic Recess Void Former Steel 1.3t
P572MGMagnetic Recess Void Former Steel2.5t
P575MGMagnetic Recess Void Former Steel5t