F43 Standard Ferrules

Designed for heavy duty anchoring

Designed for heavy duty anchoring, F43 Ferrule inserts are cast-in anchors. Finishes include zinc plate, galvanized, also available in stainless steel. Standard Ferrules require an N12 x 300 mm reinforcing bar to be installed through the cross hole to achieve the full design capacity.

Part NoDimensionsTypeBox Qty
F431275M12 x 75mmZinc50
F431275GM12 x 75mmGalvanised50
F431296M12 x96mmZinc50
F431296GM12 x96mmGalvanised50
F431675M16 x 75mmZinc50
F431675GM16 x 75mmGalvanised50
F431696M16 x 96mmZinc50
F431696GM16 x 96mmGalvanised50
F432075M20 x 75mmZinc50
F432075GM20 x 75mmGalvanised50
F432096M20 x 96mmZinc50
F43209GM20 x 96mmGalvanised50
F4324100M24 x 100mmZinc50
F4324100GM24 x 100mmGalvanised50
F43CCoil x 96mmZinc50