P52 Foot Anchor

The Nexus P52 Foot Anchor is forged from carbon steel that obtains the minimum 2.25 factor of safety as set out in AS3850.

Part NoDescriptionBox QtyStainless 316 Available
P52135Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 35mm400
P52145Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 45mm300
P52155Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 55mm300
P52165Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 65mm300
P52185Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 85mm200Yes
P521120Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 120mm200Yes
P521240Foot Anchor – 1.3t x 240mm100
P52255Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 55mm200
P52275Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 75mm100
P52285Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 85mm100
P522120Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 120mm100
P522170Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 170mm50Yes
P522280Foot Anchor – 2.5t x 280mm50
P52575Foot Anchor – 5t x 75mm75
P52595Foot Anchor – 5t x 95mm50
P525120Foot Anchor – 5t x 120mm40Yes
P525140Foot Anchor – 5t x 140mm50
P525170Foot Anchor – 5t x 170m25
P525240Foot Anchor – 5t x 240mm25Yes
P52510150Foot Anchor – 10t x 150mm25Yes
P52510170Foot Anchor – 10t x 170mm20
P52510200Foot Anchor – 10t x 200mm20
P52510250Foot Anchor – 10t x 250mm20
P52510340Foot Anchor – 10t x 340mm10