Tilting up panels with large openings can result in large stresses applied to the concrete sections either side of the opening that standard reinforcing cannot handle. In order to stiffen these sections Nexus Strongbacks can be used. These are bolted into the panel with strongback bolts that are screwed into previously cast Coil Ferrules or alternatively a 12mm Threaded Bar Ferrule can be cast and a Threaded Bar Wingnut can be used with a TB 12 x 540mm Starter Bar. Strongbacks are available for hire in sizes 1800mm, 2700mm and 3600mm.

Part NoDescription
SBJBStrongback Joining Bolt & Nut
HT63SBStrongback Bolt
HT63WNStrongback Wing Nut
SBPLStrongback Plate
SB12WNStrongback Wing Nut TB 12mm
TB12540TB Starter Bar 12mm x 540mm